Article wrote by Sara Davis for The Carlisle Citizen.

In Iowa, the first wave of COVID-19 vaccinations included those age 65 andolder. Not everyone age 65 and older are familiarwith or have access to email and the internet, which are usually needed to sign up to receive a COVID vaccine. To help Carlisle’s aging population, the Carlisle Public Library has helped many of Carlisle’s residents sign up to get their first dose of the COVID vaccine.

On February 26th, Pamela Goode, pharmacist at Carlisle’s Medicap Pharmacy, had mentioned to Stacy Goodhue, the Carlisle Public Library director, how she needed to quickly administer 90 second doses of the Moderna vaccine to Carlisle residents.

“When she told me she needed to get shots to 90 people I said there was no way to get that done at the pharmacy in one day!” said Stacy. “I asked her about a drive thru option, as I remembered that COVID testing was drive thru for many places. I said if the testing and even a Fire Department Pancake Breakfast can be done in a drive thru, then surely we can do vaccines in a drive thru!”

Before that weekend was over, Pamela and Stacy, with the help of the Carlisle Police Department, the Carlisle Fire & Rescue Department, and City of Carlisle staff, had planned out every detail to hold a two-hour COVID vaccination drive thru clinic on March 1st.

The plan, which ended up being fast, efficient, and wildly successful, had patients pull up to the corner of 2nd Street and Main Street where library staff checked them in. Patients then pulled up in front of the Carlisle Fire & Rescue Department to have their second COVID vaccination given by Medicap Pharmacy staff. After receiving their vaccination, patients would pull forward to Carlisle Mayor Drew Merrified, who put a sticker on the patient’s COVID vaccination card to show they’d received their second vaccine dose. After having their card completed, patients pulled forward to the library where they were monitored for side effects from the vaccine by EMTs from the Carlisle Fire & Rescue Department. Carlisle’s police officers, city staff, and even a city council member ensured traffic flowed smoothly and filled in as needed. The drive thru clinic ended up administering over 80 vaccinations within the two hours.

“It was very successful and we are so happy we were able to help so many people in our community,” said Stacy. “We are exploring options for more drive thru vaccine clinics so hopefully there is more information to come!”


Article and Video by Lakyn McGee at We Are Iowa.

CARLISLE, Iowa — More Iowans are getting vaccinated for COVID-19 with the help of a library in Carlisle.

“A couple of the people have cried when we’ve gotten their appointment scheduled. Some of them have screamed,” explained Beth Schaefer, a librarian. “I can hear them jumping up and down. It’s wonderful that we’ve been able to make a difference.”

Due to high demand, scheduled appointments can only be made online, meaning those who aren’t familiar with technology aren’t able to find their own appointment easily.

Lone Carlisle pharmacist Pamela Goode said the Medicap Pharmacy reached out to the library to help those folks find their own appointment.

“We’ve, also, had the library help us with second dose appointments because how we tell everyone to get a second dose is via email,” said Goode.

Schaefer told Local 5 over half of the people who have scheduled their appointments at the Carlisle Public Library have been over 80 years old.

“It’s pretty easy on our end,” said Schaefer. “We’ve filled it out so many times now it’s second nature to us.”

The partnership has been in the works since December.

“It’s been a weight lifted off of us because we’re able to provide that service to people without obstacles,” said Goode.

Goode said those who’ve received their first dose from Medicap are guaranteed their second dose with them.

For the full article check out We Are Iowa.


Article wrote by Peggy Hugen for the Indianola Independent Advocate.

A line of cars wrapped around the Carlisle Fire Station usually means it’s time for a pancake breakfast. But Monday, it was the site of community partnership to vaccinate Warren County residents against COVID-19.

Carlisle City Library Director Stacy Goodhue said she was talking to Pamela Goode, the local Medicap pharmacist, about the large amount of second doses that needed to get out this week.

“We realized with the sheer amount of people that she had, there was no way we could get them inside the doors of Medicap,” Goodhue said.

Three days later, a full-fledged drive-thru vaccination clinic was planned and executed.

Goodhue said the goal is that if today worked well, “we could continue and do it again when we have even more doses to hand out.”

City officials were all chipping in. The police department handled traffic. Goodhue and her library staff were managing the check-in process. City Administrator Deven Markley was aiding the pharmacists by opening Band-aid packets. Councilman Eric Goodhue was counting vaccines administered. Carlisle Mayor Drew Merrifield was adhering stickers to vaccination cards and the city’s fire department/EMT staff watched over patients for reactions.

Norwalk resident Kenny McCauley said he looked up appointment times online and didn’t hesitate to travel to Carlisle to get his vaccine.

“The first dose went great,” he said.

He said he thinks getting the vaccine is important because, “Well, I didn’t want to catch COVID.”

Despite having a reaction to his first shot, Randy Lane of Carlisle, was back for his second dose. Twelve hours after the first dose, he had chills and some vomiting. He plans to lay low for a few days, but regardless of the reactions, felt it important to be vaccinated, he said.

Medicap pharmacist Pamela Goode said the overall vaccine administration has been a roller coaster, much like everything in a pandemic.

“But I’m so blessed to be in this community and have an amazing support system,” she said. “This is awesome. This all took place with two phone calls in three days.”

Markley, the city administrator, agreed.

“There’s a good benefit for the city and also outside the community,” he said.

Kay Peck, of Carlisle, received her second vaccine Monday. The longtime preschool teacher said she didn’t hesitate to sign up.

“Well, because of my age, I think it’s very important,” she said.

Cheri Schmit, director of clinical pharmacy for Medicap’s corporate office, said today was the first drive-thru vaccine clinic she’s participated in.

“The main takeaway of this day is this whole community coming together,” she said.

Without a drive-thru, she said, it would have taken most of a day to administer 100 vaccines, adding that in-store, it averages 1 shot per 6 to 10 minutes.

“Here, we can do it all in a couple of hours,” she said. “How they’re all working together is pretty cool.”

The full article can be viewed on the Indianola Independent Advocate’s website.