Article and Video by Lakyn McGee at We Are Iowa.

CARLISLE, Iowa — More Iowans are getting vaccinated for COVID-19 with the help of a library in Carlisle.

“A couple of the people have cried when we’ve gotten their appointment scheduled. Some of them have screamed,” explained Beth Schaefer, a librarian. “I can hear them jumping up and down. It’s wonderful that we’ve been able to make a difference.”

Due to high demand, scheduled appointments can only be made online, meaning those who aren’t familiar with technology aren’t able to find their own appointment easily.

Lone Carlisle pharmacist Pamela Goode said the Medicap Pharmacy reached out to the library to help those folks find their own appointment.

“We’ve, also, had the library help us with second dose appointments because how we tell everyone to get a second dose is via email,” said Goode.

Schaefer told Local 5 over half of the people who have scheduled their appointments at the Carlisle Public Library have been over 80 years old.

“It’s pretty easy on our end,” said Schaefer. “We’ve filled it out so many times now it’s second nature to us.”

The partnership has been in the works since December.

“It’s been a weight lifted off of us because we’re able to provide that service to people without obstacles,” said Goode.

Goode said those who’ve received their first dose from Medicap are guaranteed their second dose with them.

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